We offer a wide range of products from small tablet sized touch displays to large outdoor displays. At W.C. O’Brien we will work with you on your project to make sure that you have the right screen for the corresponding project.

Research shows that 47% of those who have seen a digital signage screen in the past 30 days specifically recall seeing the content, and in business, being memorable is one of the most important things.

W.C O’Brien offers a wide range of Digital Signage solutions for all industries.

50″ & 55″ Indoor
Freestanding Units

Experience the most versatile commercial touch screen on the market. With both Android and Windows operating systems installed on the integrated PC it cannot be beaten on flexibility. Easily switch from Windows to Android; this screen has it all in one convenient package. A Windows license will need to be purchased separately. Infrared Touch Screens use the most robust and durable touch technology available.

49″ & 55″ Outdoor Freestanding Units

Brightness is key when using outdoor Digital Signage, our Outdoor Freestanding Digital Posters use Ultra High Brightness panels (2,500cd/m²) more than 8 times brighter than a standard LCD panel to allow easy readability in direct sunlight. Suitable for the harshest of outdoor conditions – designed with a robust, corrosion protected, outer casing to give protection from both the elements and the public.

50″ & Kiosks – Touch Screen

The integration of technology into the office space is nothing new however the range of applications for Digital Signage in corporate environments continues to grow. The most obvious use for Digital Signage incorporate locations is in the boardroom, using LCD and LED Video Walls and 4K Slim Bezel Interactive Touch Displays as presentation tools.

Another developing area in this environment is the use of Digital Signage for internal communication as it improves employee engagement, increasing productivity by 20%-25%.

POS Systems

Our Point of Sale Displays are built with commercial grade panels and components these displays are designed to run 24/7 in constant use, unlike domestic screens.

They are perfect for grabbing the attention of your customers as they are walking through the retail environment.

The panel also has a lifespan of over 70,000 hours of continuous use. They can either be used in landscape or portrait orientation.


  • Increase Brand Awareness And Consistency
  • Reduce Printing Time
  • Upsell & Promote New Items
  • More content for the space vs printing


If you’re looking for a digital menu board solution the first thing that must be considered is the most important factor; budget or style and convenience. The most elegant and striking solution would be our Android Advertising Displays, which also feature a glass front which can be easily cleaned.

If budget is the most important consideration then the next matter to address is the update method; are the screens going to be updated over USB or through our online portal? For a cost-effective plug and play solution, our Professional Monitor range is ideal. For more features and flexibility our Network Digital Menu Boards can be used.



When it comes to video wall projects the bezel size is key. A cost effective solution would be to use our Professional Monitors which have a screen-to-screen bezel size of around 23-30mm. Our LCD Video Wall Displays feature a bezel size of 3.5mm screen-to-screen.

The most premium option, for which we also have outdoor models, are our LED Video Wall Solutions which are modular and do not feature any visible bezel at all..

LED Billboards

Our digital signage solutions are fully interactive, our advertising pods are built specifically to be installed into areas where the continuous flow of real-time information is vital – transport terminals, airports, bus stops, sports stadia, strategic high street locations and shopping malls.

ROI can be maximised by generating advertising revenue and engaging with consumers through social media. In addition, optional built-in webcams can collect footfall data that enables our customers to produce highly targeted, on-brand messaging to their key demographic groups.

55″ Hanging Double-Sided Window Display

Attract the attention of passing onlookers with the outward facing, sunlight readable screen.

Once your customers are inside the building you can then use the inward facing display to reinforce your message further.