LED Displays

Our LED Displays are suitable for both indoor and outdoor sites. We have a variety of display sizes and pixel pitch offerings for your project. The acronym LED stands for light emitting diode. When current flows through the diode, it emits light with a wavelength that depends on the semiconductor material. Depending on your specific needs, the type of LED will be different with altering distance between the diodes. Diodes can be monochromatic – that is, white, red, green, blue, etc. – or RGB type (Red, Green & Blue) the three primary colours in lighting.


Display Sizes:

LED Displays are manufactured in a modular format. This means that they can built to custom sizes meaning they are different from other digital signage displays that come in sizes similar to TV’s e.g. 32” to 85”. This is advantageous if you are planning to install an LED Display indoors or outdoors over a larger area. Something to keep in mind is the image of the display. It is more common to see 16:9 (Widescreen Aspect Ratio) LED displays as this would be the standard aspect ratio of Television Adverts these days however this is not mandatory. An LED Sign can be built in a different shape. The media that is created for the screen just needs to match the shape of the display.

LED Display in City
Digital Billboards in City

Pixel Pitch:

Pixel Pitch is the distance between the diodes on an LED display in mm. There are various rules and guides on which pixel pitch to use depending on the display and where it will be situated. The lower the pixel pitch, the closer together the LEDs are on the display, and the closer your acceptable viewing distance can be. The optimal viewing distance is typically 2-3 times the pixel pitch number in meters. Indoor LED Displays have a pixel pitch of 1 to 2 mm so P1 & P2 where outdoor displays generally start as low as P4 (4mm) up to P20. When it comes to Advertising Boards P6 to P8 are the more regular sizes. Road Safety Signs may use a Pixel Pitch of P10.

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