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Digital Signage can enhance your brand

Digital signage is technology that applies to many industries. Used correctly it can greatly enhance communication, productivity, brand awareness and profitability. Research shows that 47% of those who have seen a digital signage screen in the past 30 days specifically recall seeing the content, and in business, being memorable is one of the most important things.

W.C O’Brien offers a wide range of Digital Signage solutions for all industries. If your organization is considering moving forward with digital signage we would love to hear about your project.

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The retail sector is by far the most popular area for Digital Signage and is a competitive battleground with shops all fighting to grab customers’ attention. When compared to static signage Digital Signage captures 400% more views. Most of our Digital Signage solutions can be utilised in retail spaces; Android Advertising Displays for in store promotion, our Touch Screen ranges for customer engagement and purchases and High Brightness Monitors for outward facing windows displays.

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Food & Drink

This sector is the fastest growing area for Digital Signage. Large fast food chains are already exploiting the tremendous benefits of Digital Signage and it’s no surprise as it creates a 31.8% upswing in overall sales volume.

We have various ranges that are ideal for menu board applications such as our Android Advertising Displays, which have an easily wipeable tempered glass front, and our Network Digital Menu Boards, which are designed to be a complete cost effective package solution.

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The integration of technology into the office space is nothing new however the range applications for Digital Signage in corporate environments continues to grow. The most obvious use for Digital Signage in corporate locations is in the boardroom, using LCD and LED Video Walls and 4K Slim Bezel Interactive Touch Displays as presentation tools.

Another developing area in this environment is the use of Digital Signage for internal communication as it improves employee engagement, increasing productivity by 20%-25%.

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Digital Signage is transforming the way that hospitals and healthcare facilities communicate with staff and patients. Whether used for wayfinding, or displaying healthcare information, Digital Signage offers a chance for hospitals to engage and interact with their patients and improve the level of care.

PCAP Touch Screens are ideal for hospitals as they feature an easy to clean edge-to-edge glass front. 10% of all Digital Signage displays purchased every year are for the healthcare sector.


  • Interactive Display Boards
  • Digital Signage
  • Indoor / Outdoor LED Video Walls
  • Digital Menu Boards
  • Projection Systems

  • Audio/ Video
  • Conferencing
  • Video walls
  • Software
  • Content management

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Hospitality settings such as hotels, resorts, nightclubs and catering venues have a captive audience looking for information so they are a natural home for Digital Signage. Beautiful displays, such as our elegant Android Freestanding Digital Posters and wall mounted Android Advertising Displays, can really make a big difference in the overall aesthetic of a hospitality venue and if used correctly can boost customer satisfaction by 46%.

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Transport hubs such as airports, train and bus stations and even bus stops have become the most common places to encounter Digital Signage; they have been utilising its advantages for a number of years. In fact, 90% of train station passengers can be targeted by Digital Signage.

Our Professional Monitors are ideal for flight and bus information display systems to show arrivals and departures while our Android Advertising Displays and LCD Video Walls can be used in duty free areas of airports for advertising.

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Educational establishments are ideal environments to really get the most out of Digital Signage The most common solution for schools, colleges, universities and other training facilities are 4K Slim Bezel Interactive Touch Displays used as interactive whiteboards; 75% of teachers agreed that using interactive whiteboards increases students’ interest in class.

Android Advertising Displays can also be used as digital notice boards to communicate up to date information to students, staff and visitors.

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Locations such as casinos, theatres, cinemas, zoos, concert halls and theme parks are ideal settings for Digital Signage. In these types of environments Digital Signage can be used as an effective advertising and promotional tool as it has been proven to increase the average purchase amount by 29.5%.

Our beautiful and eye-catching Android Freestanding Digital Posters can be utilised to display upcoming events or special offers on food and drink. For a big impact LCD Video Walls command attention in any setting.