High Brightness Retail Displays

High Brightness Retail Displays

High Brightness Window displays are an excellent choice for High Street Retail Stores and are brilliant for delivering up to the minute promotions to passing traffic. Using this strategy enables retailers to reduce print costs and communicate with their audience with speed and efficiency.

Our friends at Michael Barrie Menswear in Duke Lane just off Grafton Street Dublin are using a High Brightness Display to attract attention to their store. The content on the display can be updated from any location as long as there is an internet connection. The guys in Michael Barrie are using professional photographs of the store and items of their clothing range as content. They commented “We are very pleased with the display. We’ve noticed an increase in our casual wear sales since it’s been installed. “

Digital High Brightness displays allow retail chains to maintain nationwide brand consistency throughout all stores by managing all content, promotions and store pricing, from one central point. Ensure that all your stores are showing the same content at all times.

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